• it can be done for functional or/and aesthetic reasons
  • we usually performed it on outpatient basis with local anesthetic
  • traja približno 30 minut
  • procedure takes about 30 minutes
  • you can return to work in a couple of days
  • exercise may be resumed after 2 and sexual intercourse after 4 weeks

What is a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reshape and reduce the inner lips (labia minora) of the female external genitalia. Some women are born with large, thick or asymmetrical labia that protrude and hang far below the outer labia. Other may develop the condition after childbirth or hormonal changes. Labiaplasty can be done for either aesthetic or functional reasons. Redundant skin of the inner labia can cause embarrassment, discomfort with intercourse, or friction sores when walking or exercising.

How is labiaplasty performed?

We usually perform labiaplasty as an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic. However, light sedation or general anesthesia can be used. During a labiaplasty, the excess labial tissue is trimmed and removed. With a special technique we can preserve the erotic sensitivity and the natural contour and color of the labia minora. The incisions are closed with absorbable (dissolving) stitches. No special bandage is necessary. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

What is the recovery after labiaplasty?

Resting the day of the surgery is recommended and at least couple of days should be taken off work. Mild discomfort may be felt for a few days after the operation. If necessary, it can be managed with oral pain medication. Strenuous physical activity should be avoided for at least two weeks after the surgery. Due to the sensitivity of the repair, we recommended to wait with the sexual intercourse for at least four weeks after the procedure.